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Serving Waterloo Region since 2000
First Hand Miracles; a quote
collection for healing and
This program has the potential to
change your life!  Our beliefs are
deeply ingrained into our minds so
much so they can stop us from
creating lasting change.  
This system can inspire you to think
more positively; increase your
happiness and overall wellness. Start
creating miracles in your life today!
How to be Soul Strong
Read more....
This coaching series will help you move
from where you are now to where you
would like to be.  This is your one
chance to 'get it right'. Give me four
hours and I'll show you how to free
yourself from the past and move into a
future of health, wealth and happiness.  
It is out there and its waiting for you.  
Will you take the chance?
Mind Spa:  An
Introduction to
Read more....
Cover photography by Daniel C. Hebert
Learn how to meditate.
Mind Spa is a vacation for your
mind!  Meditation has long been
known to enhance personal lives,
increase health and wellness.
100 Mistakes Healers
Make and how to
avoid them.

Calling all Healers!  
Experience greater
confidence and success using
the wisdom of this ebook!
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Carpal Tunnel?
Natural Secrets to
Eliminate your Wrist Pain

If you suffer from Carpal Tunnel
this e-book could help you find
relief.  Pictures included to help
guide you through the stretches.
TLC Services at a glance
Read more... Alternative healing techniques offered by TLC Services.  Reiki, Yoga,
Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing, Meditation classes, workshops and more!
Yoga/Meditation Schedule
Read more... A variety of locations and class times offered in Cambridge, Ontario.
See you on the mat!
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Energy Companion
Universal Codes
Dechiper the codes and get back to
your life

Your body is constantly in communication with
you telling you what it is you need to work on
and what you need to release. Have you ever
wondered what these messages are or how to
interpret them?
Original Artwork by Tammy ... Zodiac Series
Totem Animal & additional Colouring Books designed by Tammy available only on Amazon