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Your body is constantly in communication with you telling you what it is you need to work
on and what you need to release.

Have you ever wondered what these messages are or how to interpret them?

This ebook may guide you toward understanding your energetic body more fully.  It will
help you to decipher the codes, the messages that are being sent to you on a constant basis
(through physical pain ... like that nagging sore neck or shoulder, or the emotional pain ...
the things that are simply off but you can't put your finger on it exactly!)  And because
emotion affects the mind affects the body all of the emotions we experience are held
somewhere in your body.

You're body, your energetic mind and soul are wanting you to be happy.  Yet we have
layers upon layers of holding, energetic and otherwize, which prevent us from living our best
lives possible.  If we could tap into this information we could easily create shifts and changes.

Here's the thing, we can tap into it!  Our bodies are telling us each and every day.  Ever
wonder what the messages mean?  That is exactly why this ebook was written.

Often times people will ask me if I am psychic.  I'm not.  For the past 20 years or more I
have explored and delved into this ancient information, knowledge that has existed for over
5000 years to discover the secrets you will find here.  It's no longer secret, it's a matter of
connecting the dots.  And this is only the beginning...

Here's what you'll find inside:

Learn the basics of energy:
From basic energetic anatomy (ie., The Chakras)
to how energy moves through your body

The Body's messages:
Emotional sources of disease
and what specific questions you can ask
to help you decipher these messages

Ways to help you balance the energy
and improve how you are feeling
emotionally, physically and mentally.

7+ Meditations to help you to release tension
and exercises designed to open the energy in your body.

Thank you so much for your time!

Wishing you all the best in your healing journey.

Stay blessed!
Much love,
Praise for Energy Companion: Universal Codes work:

Tammy is incredible at what she does and has helped me tremendously with my healing journey? ~Shannon

The treatment and Tammy's advice really made a difference." ~Colleen

"I gave you a rave review Tammy! I had so much fun taking your classes and would recommend the experience and you to anyone!" ~Heather

"Thanks again for your help. It is nice to know that when you are panicking you have people that can get you back on the right path." ~Wendy

"Thank you once again for working with us; we really enjoyed the classes and your cheerful, positive attitude! ~Darryl

Once again I'm in Aw of your connection to my life's reflection and how you echo back to me what I need to hear. ~Darren

Keep doing what you're doing; you are an excellent teacher! I was one for 37 years and I know really good ones when I see them. ~Bonnie