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Phone:  (519) 650-3560  Email:
**Prior arrangement required for all sessions

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Tammy's classes include a variety of options for all asanas.
Depending on your needs you will discover a level that suits your body and your practice.  You
will be reminded to enter or exit all postures with care; transitioning safely from one pose to the

Restore your body back to health and wellness with yoga!
Using Asana (physical postures) you can find balance.
Whether you are suffering from pain or dis-ease you can boost your bodies natural
healing abilities.

Yoga has been know to help with:

Low back pain, neck pain, sciatica
Rehabilitation from injury
Fibro, Arthritis, Osteo, High Blood Pressure
(This is by no means an exhaustive list)

Come out to a class and experience the benefits for yourself!

Hope to see you on the mat

Yoga Schedule
A list of yoga classes offered in Cambridge, Ontario.

Yoga Video
TLC instructional online videos

A short introduction to breathing practices.

What is OM & Namaste?
Discover the meaning of OM/Namaste and why we use them in class.