We are visitors on this
We must try to do
something good
And useful with our lives.
Try to be at peace with
and help others share that
If you contribute to
others' happiness,
You will find the meaning
of life
-Dalai Lama
There is a light in this world...
a healing spirit much stronger than
any darkness we may encounter.  We
sometimes lose sight of this
force...when there is suffering, too
much pain.  And suddenly the spirit
will emerge...through lives of
ordinary people and answer in
extraordinary ways.  God speaks in
the silence of the heart and we listen.
-Mother Teresa
Reiki Practitioner Training
Reiki Level 1 Feb. 3, 2018
Reiki Level 11 March 2018
Master Level  Email or phone for details
PRE/POST Natal Yoga Mom's are invited to attend any yoga class listed on TLC's Schedule
Meditation Classes (for dates, times and locations click here!)

Call for details:  (519) 650-3560
Register directly at listed location.  See you there!

Heraldic Soul Signs - TBA
Understand your past and set new directions for your future in this interactive workshop!  Define your
mind, senses, likes, dislikes, positive and negative characteristics.  This is a meditative journey to learn
more about you and your life!

Sanskrit Chanting (Introduction to Mantra) - TBA
Looking for an easy way of dealing with everyday problems?  When your mind is afflicted with worry
and fear you marinate the same never-ending thought patterns.  This class will uplift your spirits, remove
obstacles from your path and provide some light-hearted fun!

Pranayama Playdate (introduction to Breathwork) - TBA
It all begins with the breath;  our voice, life itself.  The way we breathe impacts our entire life.  
Traditional forms of yogic pranayama (breathwork) will be explored.  Learn to release toxins, stress and
revitalize your body

Yoga Massage  - TBA
Learn ancient massage techniques combining breath, gentle stretching and applied yoga to promote
physical, spiritual health and well-being.
This series will leave you feeling refreshed, energized and fully relaxed!

Meditations from around the Globe - TBA
Interested in a variety of meditations?  Come and explore different types from around the world!  Tibetan
movement, guided visualization and walking meditation are just a few you will learn

Journey into Forward and Back Bends
Learn to explore forward and back bends in a safe and gentle manner.  This asana practice encourages
you to listen to your body;  keeping in mind it is far easier to go deeper slowly than to heal quickly.
Asanas (physical yoga postures) will focus on opening the musculature required to enhance
forward or back bends..

Interested in a workshop but do not see it listed?  
Call to suggest &/or set one up!
(519) 650-3560
HypnoBirthing is a unique method of natural childbirth;  relaxation techniques presented help
birthing Moms eliminate fear and physical tensions associated with birthing.

**Note to Mom:  prenatal training begins around weeks 24-28 or after
If you are unable to make the date below,
I am willing to work with you and your birthing companion alone.

Call Today!  (519) 650-3560
Additional classes now forming!
TLC Services is located at 333 William Street, Cambridge, ON, N3H 3W4
     Phone:  (519) 650-3560     ***Prior arrangement necessary for all sessions