The chakras are bands of light which flow through the body.  The word chakra comes
from the Sanskrit word for "wheel" or "disk".  Their origins stem from the yoga
system;  more specifically from the Vedas (Holy books of the Hindus).

The system is dated back as far as 2500 B.C.

How many Chakras are there?
There are hundreds of chakras on the body in the hands, feet
and at each of the joints.  The main (& largest) energy centres consist of 7.  The 7 are
arranged vertically along the spinal column
(starting at the coccyx & proceeding upward toward the crown of the head).

What do the Chakras have to do with anything?
The chakra system (and consequently healing) is based on the belief that in order for
total well being to occur we must act as an integrated whole.  The chakras form the
basis to healing our physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual selves.

If our chakra system is working properly for us;  we are considered to be balanced and
in optimum health.

If they are out of balance;  we have illness and dis-ease in our bodies making healing
much more challenging if not impossible.

What are the Chakras really for?
The chakras are like 'inner computers' ......lookout Microsoft......
(.........yes they existed long before Bill Gates & will exist way after!)

They store our programming about how we function in our lives;

1st Chakra is like our survival file:  what we eat, when we need exercise,
where we live, how/why we will anger etc.,.
2nd Chakra provides us with our sexuality program:  hosting our views of self-
respect/self-love, our ethics and preferences.
3rd Chakra is our power program:  our personal will resides here.

The upper chakras have to do with perception and intellegence (they are our
motherboards so to speak).

Our bodies or internal computers are all different models;  each of us being
individuals (think Apple vs. Microsoft here) we are programmed with a distinct
language......each using unique operating systems.

*While anatomically undetectable, the major chakras are linked with different systems in the physical body
(CNS,  Muscular/skeletal system, Respiratory & Circulatory systems).

*Discover which sounds stimulate the chakras.

*Learn the corresponding names & colours.

*Learn the functions and malfunctions of the Chakras.

Explore the Chakras further or experience your Chakras using
techniques found in the
Meditation Pages
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