"You can not catch a butterfly
without an open hand."
~Chinese proverb

Tammy now offers RPM - a mixture of practices combined with Reiki


What does RPM stand for?

Wikipedia defines RPM as "Revolutions per minute, a measure of the frequency of a rotation. It annotates
the number of turns completed in one minute around a fixed axis. It is used as a measure of rotational
speed."  TLC Services uses the term RPM to describe the rotation of the chakra system and added services
using Usui Reiki as it's base.

Isn't it Reiki Plus more?
RPM is energy healing which utilizes Reiki as it's basis however it is far more. Tammy's healing experience
has guided her toward embracing many healing techniques in one session to help determine the health of
the energy system.  
Together working toward greater balance and wellness.

Which level is for me?
That is up to you really.  Tammy still offers Reiki as a stand alone practice if that is of interest. However
you will not receive the intuition based healing etc., unless you move up to RPMx1000 (this is the
traditional healing session most of you have grown to love!) Please read the descriptions below to discover
which session would suit you best. Or better yet choose to spend a day and experience an overall energy
make-over for you and a friend!
Please note our Cancellation Policy:  
You must provide 24 hrs notice of cancellation.  Cancellations within 24 hrs or no-shows
will result in you being charged the full fee.  
RPM Descriptions

Reiki  1/2 hour $45.00
Japanese relaxation technique in the tradition of Usui.

RPMx1000 1 hour:  $70.00!!
Intuition based energy healing using Prana, Reiki and Spiritual Coaching.  
Each session you will learn what messages your body is sending to you and an interpretation of the
messages; this includes time lines and guidance to help you clear blockages and move forward.  
In each session you will leave with 'home work'.  
This spiritual coaching has been said to be life changing.  

RPMx3000 1 & 1/2 hours:  $120.00
Building on RPMx1000 you also receive a personalized session:  choose to add in additionally one Yoga
&/or Guided Meditation session.

RPMx5000 3 hours:  $ 200.00
RPMx1000 plus a separate vibrational energy balancing and guided meditation.  
In addition please choose two of the following services:  
Yoga, Reiki Drumming, Hypnosis for stress relief, NLP to release/reprogram the past, Past Life

RPMx6000 5 hours:  $ 300.00
Spend a day with a friend and experience an energy session and a guided art journal and meditation
experience.  Tammy will guide you toward the basics of creating &/or beginning an art journal.  You
will then be guided toward exploring what messages you are currently being sent.  This session is best
enjoyed with a friend.  It is a day that will shift and change your energies.
TLC Services is located at  333 William Street, Cambridge, ON, Canada, N3H 3W4
Phone:  (519) 650-3560  Email:  
**Prior arrangement required for all sessions

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